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Elder Law Attorney

Michigan Certified Elder Law Attorney helps Families like Yours

As one of the few Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Michigan, I am dedicated to helping seniors, veterans and their families navigate the long-term care maze.

I help good people and their families plan for what happens when they pass away as well as what happens if they don’t and continue to age.  Facing all the issues that go along with aging.

My clients want to make sure that when they pass away, their stuff goes to the people they want, in the manner they want, with as little hassle as possible.  My clients want to age with dignity, enjoying the best quality of life possible, even if diagnosed with a chronic illness, like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, or Huntington’s Disease.

Michigan Elder Law Attorney

Christopher J. Berry
Michigan Elder Law Attorney

Elder Care and Life Care Planning

Long-term care planning is not a practice where an elder law attorney and the engaging family simply move some assets around, create a trust, and then say “all good”. True elder care planning always maintains and promotes good health, well-being, and safety clients, the seniors. To make this happen, we utilize a variety of strategies to protect your assets.  We call upon various governmental benefits to help pay the catastrophic cost of long-term care, including Veterans Benefits and Medicaid.  We protect our clients assets from nursing home or Medicaid spend-down. Even if the protection of your assets is a function of Life Care Planning, it is not the sole purpose of it.

My elder law practice can help you navigate the complex systems to find the right path for you and your loved ones. I have dedicated my career to helping families navigate the financial legal and emotional maze that comes with aging, illness and disability. My law career has been exclusively devoted to elder law and estate planning, including the Medicaid planning, assets preservation planning, and veterans’ benefits. My mission with his legal work is to assist veterans and seniors together with their families in Michigan in venturing the legal maze of long-term care.

As a Certified Elder Law Attorney, my elder care firm offers a holistic solution to families who are interested in veterans benefits, Medicaid.  I assist Michigan seniors, as well as their families, as they face elder care and life planning issues as part of his law firm, Witzke Berry Carter & Wander PLLC.

I am uniquely qualified as one of the few Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Michigan and one of the only attorneys in all of Michigan to actually teach Elder Law as an adjunct professor at Thomas Cooley Law School.  I also teach and mentor other practicing Elder Law attorneys on the practice of elder law, which includes estate planning, Medicaid planning, and Veterans Benefits

Typically there are 3 main goals of our elder care planning

First, we ensure that both you and your family get good care; may it be inside or outside of your home. It’s the most significant goal because it determines your future life status. Good health and well-being must be the primary concern of Life Care Planning.

Second, we assist you in making decisions in line with your long-term needs. We serve as your experienced, knowledgeable, supportive, and objective councilors. Legal staff, elder care coordinators, and social workers are all included.

Third, my team assists you in finding financial sources to support your long-term care. We’ll help you decide among the wide array of choices to find the best and the most fitting solution for your assets protection difficulties due to the financial need of quality long-term care.

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